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This page functions as a landing page for our Knowledgebase articles to assist you with accessing the out-of-band console for your server. 

The starting point for accessing your KVM console is hereHow to access the KVM console on dedicated servers

Purchased an old cheap server that likewise has an old Java KVM console? More details here: Java issues with KVM console on older dedicated servers

Using Oracle Java 8u11 in the article above will be most compatible. Need to use Java but have an artificial fear of older software? Replace that fear with your fear of Amazon: Accessing Java KVM consoles with Amazon Coretto 8 using OpenWebStart

PLEASE BE ADVISED: Lack of desire or interest to get Java working with the KVM console does not shift the onus of performing server actions to our support team. Management of your server remains your responsibility. Effort may be necessary to access your older server's KVM console; the motherboard manufacturer will not release firmwares for older servers with newer functionality like HTML 5 consoles. We're happy to work with you to get Java working with your server, and even happier to sell you a newer and more expensive server with an HTML 5 console, but we won't perform server actions for you just because "it's easier" for us to just do it for you. 

Don't want to use Java at all? Neither do we, and we're happy to terminate your old Java console server and re-deploy you onto a server with an HTML 5 console. Details here: https://my.dedicated.com/index.php?rp=/knowledgebase/14/Which-servers-have-Java-console-and-which-servers-have-HTML5-consoles.html

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